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Beacon’s History | 317 Third St., Kenner Louisiana 70062 (504) 467-8698

Established in 1977 by Eugene Larroux ( Gene) and his Uncle, Fred Hemmelder, as a small family-owned business. Fred Hemmelder was retired from the Falstaff Beer Co. and Gene Larroux was employed by a local air conditioning company as a Service Manager. The two men used their mechanical skills and personal contacts to open their own air conditioning business.  Their clients were local restaurants, hotels, residences and office buildings. Many customers from the early years are still being serviced by Beacon today.


The name Beacon was taken from a relative who owned and operated an auto electric motor shop in New Orleans for many years as Beacon Auto Electric. Gene and Fred decided to use their relative’s company’s name for their new business, Beacon Air Conditioning , Heating and Refrigeration, Inc.  In 1989 Fred decided to retire and Gene continues to own Becaon Air Conditioning and presently holds the position as President of the company.


After the departure of Fred Hemmelder, David Chatelain joined the company at the age of 19. David’s willingness to learn the business and aggressive approach to work helped Beacon grow in sales and volume.  David holds the position as Project/Operations Manager for the company.


In 2004 Gene’s daughter, Shelley Landry was hired full time as office Manager and Secretary of the company.  Shelley’s skills helped organize the business as sales volumes continue to grow.